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Best Original Song Composed for the Screen

APRA AMCOS 2018 Screen Music Awards

SCREEN_2018_WINNER_Original Song_border_Oscar Joe Gross.PNG

"Oscar Joe Gross trumped with “Now I Know” (ABC Music Publishing) from ABC drama Pulse, for Best Original Song Composed For The Screen."

Helen Macklin - The Brag Media

Screen Credits

Flawsome (2022) - Limited Series

featured song "Big Dick Energy" performed by Oscar Joe

Birdsville or Bust (2021) - Documentary 

additional music

Le Miroir (2020) - Short Film

featured song, "Matilda" performed by Sal and the Mandas

Pulse (2017) - TV Sesries

featured song, "Now I Know" written for episode

Library of Love (2016) - Short Film/Musical

songs, additional music

Indigo Lake (2016) - Feature Film

featured song, "One More Day" written for film

Treetment (2015) - Short Film

main theme, additional music

Village Vets (2014) - TV Sesries

main theme, additional music

Impressions Paint (2013) - Commercial


A Heartbeat Away (2011) - Feature Film

additional music, "Mandys Theme"

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